• Assured Underwriting Group (AUG) is a group of three leading corporations in their own fields. Working together under the AUG banner they provide a cohesive underwriting operation in the UK and Europe in Travel, Commercial and Construction markets.

    ABTOT is a Membership Association with around 250 Members established in 1993. ABTOT operates a regulated financial protection bonding scheme for UK Travel Organisers who need to comply with the UK Travel Regulations.

    Arcus Solutions SARL is a French MGA specialist providing surety bonds in Travel, Commercial and Construction insurance. They have an experienced underwriting team and have a very close relationship with their broker network.

    Travel & General Insurance Services (t&g) is a specialist insurer focused on the travel industry. t&g is the largest provider of travel bonds in the UK and Irish travel market and offers various types of financial protection and other types of bonding travel organisers require to trade.

    t&g is also a specialist broker providing access to leading insurers and creating bespoke travel insurance policies.

    AUG forms a diversified and independent Managing General Agent and underwriting group in the UK. Our understanding of the sectors we operate in enables us to deliver solutions that fulfil our customers’ requirements.

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