• ABTOT is a Membership Association with over 250 Members and is a recognised and respected by the UK Travel Industry.

    As an Approved Body, appointed by the UK Government Department BEIS, ABTOT operates a regulated financial protection bonding scheme for Travel Organisers who need to comply with the UK Travel Regulations.

    Bonding is recognised by the Travel Industry as a practical and efficient way of complying with the Travel Regulations and offering consumer financial protection. The ABTOT insurance bond is a straightforward and cost-effective option, underwritten by leading travel bond specialists Travel & General Insurance Services. We understand travel organisers’ business models and are skilled at providing the most appropriate bonding solution.

    Our Membership encompasses all sizes and specialities:  annual turnover per ABTOT Member varies from less than £100k a year to over £200m and our Members have a strong presence in Adventure & Activity Travel, Coach Travel, Responsible Tourism, Cultural Tours, Specialist Tours, Safari & Wildlife and Ski & Winter sports.